What happens after a Failed EICR?

Peterborough Failed EICR Specialist

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You’ve been handed the report and see your electrical system has been marked unsatisfactory. Panic sets in and you think, what do I do next? What happens after a failed EICR? Firstly, don’t worry. Now you are more aware of the condition of your homes electrical system, you can get help from a qualified electrician to rectify the results. MDS Electrical in Peterborough are your local and reliable team of electricians who can help get your unsatisfactory result improved.

What is an EICR?

An EICR is an important inspection carried out by a qualified electrician to ensure a properties’ electrical systems are safe for its residents. Many homeowners instruct an EICR when purchasing a home to know the status of a house’s existing electrical system and to see if any immediate changes are required. An EICR gives the owner a clear understanding of the electric’s condition and can allow them to make important updates where it’s needed. Landlords must ensure their properties’ EICRs are up to date to ensure the safety of their tenants. A new report must be completed every 5 years to allow tenants to safely live in their home. If an EICR comes back unsatisfactory then repairs must be made immediately before the risk of dangers occur in the home.

EICR Results Explained

  • C1 (Danger is Present) – This code means that there is risk of injury to a person and remedial action is immediately required. The electrics are dangerous.
  • C2 (Potential Dangers) – A C2 is not as dangerous as a C1 but still requires urgent attention to make the electrics safe as soon as possible.
  • C3 (Improvements recommended) – You do not need to take immediate action with a C3 but there are recommendations to improve your electrical system.
  • FI (Further Investigation Needed) – An electrician needs to come back to investigate further. They were not able to give an answer at this inspection.

What Happens After a Failed EICR?

If your EICR results show many C1 & C2 grades, then it’s important to take the necessary steps to repair the faults. Your electrics have been deemed unfit for purpose and can cause danger to the people around them. If a landlord receives a failed EICR, they must make repairs within a 28-day period. Once completed, they must then provide their tenants with a copy of the report as well as sending it to the local authority if requested.

There is no need for another EICR to be completed after repairs have been made. Written confirmation from a qualified electrician is enough proof that actions have been taken to increase the electrical safety.

Peterborough Failed EICR Specialist

If you believe your electrical installation condition report is out of date and would like an update of your homes current electrical condition, then feel free to get in contact with MDS Electrical. We have the qualifications, knowledge, and tools to safely carry out the inspection and understand where improvements need to be made to ensure your electrical systems are safe. We are Peterborough’s local, trusted, and qualified electricians. Speak with our friendly team today.

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