Commercial Fault-Finding Electrician in Peterborough

Commercial Fault-Finding Electrician in Peterborough

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There are many Electricians in Peterborough, many of them will be excellent companies and will be able to carry out a variety of works, yet not all of them will be able to carry out Commercial Fault Finding and Repair.

Fault- finding is a highly specialised task that requires extensive knowledge of the wiring regulations, electrical inspection, and testing. Locating and pin-pointing an electrical issue is a skill that comes with many years of experience and practice.

The electricians that carry out this task will need a multitude of test instruments and variety of equipment along with the ability to understand its use and to interpret the test results readings that are obtained.

MDS Electrical are the local COMMERCIAL FAULT-FINDING ELECTRICIAN IN PETERBOROUGH. We have the experience, knowledge, and technical ability to correctly diagnose, identify and repair an electrical fault to get your commercial premises back up and running.

Due to our knowledge and expertise, we are able to get to the bottom of electrical issues quickly meaning your business does not suffer for longer than necessary and ensures that costs do not escalate.

What types of Electrical Faults are there?

There are many different kinds of electrical faults that can cause issues in commercial properties in Peterborough. The most common types are:

  • Trip Switch Problem
  • Intermittent or Permanent Power Loss
  • Flickering Lights

Trip Switch Problem

One of the most common types of electrical fault is a trip switch problem. Most trip switch problems are not cause by a faulty trip switch, circuit breaker or other device but rather, an issue with electrical equipment or electrical wiring in the installation.

Testing, Inspection and Fault Finding is necessary in order to correctly diagnose the cause of the trip switch operating and we are highly experienced in this area.

Intermittent or Permanent Power Loss

When intermittent power issues occur, it is often a warning that something more sinister is afoot! Excluding any issues with the electrical supply from the local or on-site transformer, intermittent electrical issues often mean that there are loose connections inside the distribution board or along the electrical supply equipment.

Permanent power loss indicates that there is either a localised power cut or something has failed terminally.

Each of these issues should NOT be ignored. If your commercial building has electrical problems like this then you should contact us straight away. It is typical for burnt out connections and overheating wiring to cause these issues and without intervention, the repair costs could rise quickly along with the risk of fire and property damage.

Flickering Lights

If you are suffering flickering lights in your Peterborough premises then there is something not quite right. Flickering lights can cause illness and stress in the workforce as they are stuck in that environment. This type of electrical fault is also an indication that there are electrical issues that require investigation.

Possible causes of flickering lights could be anything from failing equipment to faulty wiring (fire risk) so it’s best to have us check it out for you as soon as possible.

Call the experts as soon as possible for faulty commercial electrics!

As the local COMMERCIAL FAULT-FINDING ELECTRICIAN IN PETERBOROUGH, rest assured we will get to the bottom of your issues, keep you updated throughout the process and explain everything to you in plain English to ensure you understand what has happened.

Our fault finding and repair services give you total peace of mind that your business will be safely powered and operating hassle-free!

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