Distribution Board Upgrade in Peterborough

Distribution Board Upgrade in Peterborough

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The heart of your Peterborough commercial premises electrical system is your distribution board. Your distribution board is responsible for the safe distribution of electricity throughout your premises, when it begins to show signs of wear and tear, it is time for an upgrade. MDS Electrical are your local distribution board upgrade electricians in Peterborough. Our fully qualified, NICEIC registered commercial electricians are here to talk you through the process.

What is a Distribution Board?

You can think of your distribution board as the equivalent of the consumer unit in your Peterborough home. It controls the flow of electricity around your premises, safely distributing it through your circuits and monitoring the flow for any faults. A distribution board contains many of the same components as a domestic consumer unit, just on a much larger, more sophisticated scale. It fulfils the same basic function but must handle much larger power loads.

Reasons for a Distribution Board Upgrade

There are many reasons why you may need to have a distribution board upgrade at your Peterborough premises, with the age of the existing board being the most common. If you are unsure of the age or condition of your distribution board, you should call in your local commercial electrician to inspect the system.

Some of the reasons to upgrade your distribution board include:

  • Age: With time and the heavy use common in commercial settings, older distribution boards will begin to show signs of wear and tear. A typical lifespan of a well-maintained distribution board is around 20 to 30 years.
  • Damage: A damaged distribution board, whether caused by physical damage, water, or fire, will require replacing to ensure functionality.
  • Adding Capacity: If you are adding any new equipment or circuits to your Peterborough premises, you may need to upgrade your distribution board too. All distribution boards are designed to handle a specific load. New technologies may require additional capacity and if that exceeds your current boards potential, an upgrade is required.
  • Compliance with regulations: An older distribution board may not include current safety features such as RCDs. This means electrical regulations in the UK are regularly updated and you may discover during your next EICR inspection that your distribution board is not compliant with current wiring regulations and requires an upgrade.
  • Faults: If your building’s appliances are consistently tripping, or you are noticing buzzing sounds or sparks from the distribution board call in your local commercial electrician immediately. These all indicate your distribution board is breaking down and could pose a serious risk to health.

Distribution Board Upgrade Electrician in Peterborough

A distribution board upgrade at your Peterborough premises must only be carried out by a qualified, registered electrician. A distribution board upgrade is a large undertaking and should only ever be attempted by an experienced professional. Poorly installed electrics are hazardous and can be costly to correct at a later date. As the control centre for your electrics the risks are magnified for a distribution board upgrade. A poor installation can result in fire, electrical shock, or damage to your electrical equipment.

MDS Electrical are your local, trusted and NICEIC approved commercial electrician in Peterborough. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to safely carry out your distribution board upgrade in Peterborough. Contact us today to discuss your electrical needs.

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