Is My Fuse Box Safe?

Is My Fuse Box Safe

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You may look at the fuse box in your home every now and gain and wonder if your fuse box is safe. Maybe you spot it as you leave you home in the morning, or when you check your smoke alarms on a monthly basis? Your fuse box is an important part of the electrics in your home. It’s also something can become unsafe if it is not maintained, checked or becomes faulty.

What Is A Fuse Box?

A fuse box is the thing that controls all the electrical circuits in your home. If there is an emergency and you need to turn off your electric supplies, it is the fuse box you will go to. Your fuse box contains the main switch, and this is what turns off all electric supply to your home. Within your fuse box there will be individual fuses and circuit breakers. These control individual circuits in your home, like the electrics in your kitchen or the lights throughout your home for example.

Is Your Fuse Box Safe?

If you have an older fuse box it may not have an RCD, this is essential for electrical safety in your home. The RCD in your fuse box can be a potential life saver as its job is to detect even the smallest of leaks in the range. If your fuse box is over 25 years old, it could be classed as unsafe and we would recommend upgrading or replacing it.

Have you noticed that sometimes the lights in your home flicker? You may have noticed that some of your sockets are unresponsive too? These are two tell-tale signs that your fuse box is not safe and that it is deteriorating.

If your fuse board has asbestos flash guards it will be unsafe. Asbestos fibres were used on older fuse boards, but never used on newer fuse boards. The issue with asbestos is that the asbestos fibres can be extremely harmful to the health of you and your family if they are breathed in.

Over time the fuses within your fuse board will deteriorate. If you have a fuse board that is over ten years old, we recommend you get it checked by one of our professional and competent electricians in Peterborough to ensure that fuse box is safe.


Not sure if your fuse box is safe? Call our qualified electricians now to book a fuse box text.

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