Common Electrical Faults In The Home

Common Electrical Faults In The Home

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We all learn to live with common electrical faults in the home. Whether it’s a light that makes that weird buzzing noise, a flickering light that takes for ever to turn on or the plug socket that everyone in the house knows not to use. While some of these electrical problems are harmless enough, others can be more serious and shouldn’t be ignored as they could be dangerous.

Below we have listed some of the more common electrical faults in the home, along with their causes and how they can be fixed. If you have an electrical fault in your home, call our professional and local electricians. We can give you a quote over the phone and book the job in for a time that suits you.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker, as the name hints towards, breaks the flow of the electric when it exceeds a safe limit. The idea of this is to protect your electrical appliances from a large voltage which could cause serious damage. If your circuit breaker trips every now and again then it probably isn’t anything to worry about. However, if the breaker trips frequently or repeatedly then you need to get it checked out. It could mean you are using too many high-power appliances on one circuit for example. But it could mean that you have a wire that has shorted. It’s a good idea to get it checked by a professional electrician.

Buzzing Noises or Discolours Switches

Have you noticed a quiet buzzing noise when you flip a switch on in your home? Perhaps you have seen discolouration around the switch? Maybe you have noticed that a switch is warm or hot to touch? These are common electrical faults in the home, but they should not be ignored. The buzzing, discoloration or heat is a tell-tale sign that there could be defective wiring behind the switch. If you have noticed any of these electrical problems, give us a call.

Shocks from Power Points

If you notice a small shock when you turn on a switch or power point it is a sign that you have an electrical problem in your home. While the shock can be small, it could still be serious to the electrics in your home. It could be the electrical item, or it could be the power point. An easy way to check it is to remove the plugged-in device and check it again with another device. If the shock is still there, then call in a professional electrician. If it’s not, you have a faulty device.

Dim or Flickering Lights

Are your lights sporadically dimming or flickering? This is a common electrical fault in many homes and often goes ignored. However, this electrical fault could be due to either faulty wiring or an overloaded circuit. Alternatively, it could be the individual bulb that is at fault. If you notice that multiple lights are flickering or dimming, then it is likely that you have faulty wiring in your home. It is recommended you call in the services of a professional electrician to fix the wiring.


If you have a common electrical problem in your home, whether it’s listed above or it’s something else, call us. We can complete an electrical inspection on your home to put your mind at rest. If there are any issues, we can resolve them for you. If not, you can rest easily knowing your home is electrically safe and sound.

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