Call In The Electricians Before The Decorators

Call In The Electricians Before The Decorators

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Are you getting tired of the wallpaper in your lounge, the faded colours in the kitchen or the peeling paint in the bedroom? It’s only normal that you would want to call in the decorators, or grab the paintbrush yourself. However, there is something that you should do before you grab your pot of paint and paintbrush. You need to call in the electricians.

If you have extensions leads that trail across your room, or have to keep unplugging things to plug other things in – then why not use this opportunity to improve the electrics in your home? Here are some of the things that you should call an electrician in for, before getting the decorators round.


How do you feel about the lighting in your home? It could be the colours of your walls that are making a room feel darker, but it could also be the lighting in your room. Where are your lights and how much of the room are they lighting up?

Kitchens are a great example of where you can find poor lighting. When you are preparing food on a worktop you can be left in darkness as your body blocks out the light. Before getting your kitchen refurbished or upgraded, call in an electrician. We can look at your existing lighting and recommend ways of improving it to light up your home better.

Extra Plug Sockets

Our homes have more and more electrical items that need to be plugged in or charged. While two plug sockets at the side of your bed used to be enough, this is no longer the case. You need a plug socket for your bedside light, your phone charger, your fitbit charger, a reading light and more. Suddenly the 2 plug sockets are not enough and you find yourself overloading them with extension leads.

Why not call in an electrician. They can look at the socket needs you have and how your current sockets can be improved. We can install extra plug sockets or upgrade you existing plug sockets to plug sockets with integral USB ports. Alternatively, we can move the plug sockets to more convenient places for you.

House Rewiring

If you have faulty wiring in your home, or concerns that your wiring may be faulty then call in an electrician. Faulty wiring be a serious safety risk. We would recommend that you call an electrician round to check your electrics and wiring. If you need your house rewiring it would need to be done before your redecorate your home.

In many cases, the wiring within your home may be old and having your house rewired could improve your home. House rewiring is also recommended if you are extended your home or reshaping your living space.

If you are looking to improve or redecorate your home, we suggest that you call in the electricians first. Here at MDS Electrical we can improve your wiring, electrics and lighting for you. We will meet you at your property, talk about your needs and what we can do to improve your home.

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