Benefits Of Commercial LED lighting

MDS Electrical Benefits Of Commercial LED lighting

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When it comes to commercial LED lighting you need to think about what you want to achieve with them. While the obvious answer might be to ‘light things up’, there is far more to commercial LED lighting than just ‘lighting things up’.

For example, if you have an office of workers on computers you will need lighting that doesn’t reflect on the screens. Meanwhile, in a shop or retail area you will want LED spotlights to shine a light on individual products for example. However, in a restaurant or bar you may prefer to use LED lighitng to create mood lighting.

That’s the great thing about commercial LED lighting. It can be used in so many different ways, to achieve the lighting requirements that you have for your unique business.

Why Use A Professional Electrician For Your Commercial Lighting?

Using a professional electrician for your commercial LED lighting is highly recommended because they know how it can help. The wrong lighting in a business can result in negative effects and a professional can make sure your commercial lighting is done in the right way, to get the best results for your customers, your employees and your business.

The Green Building Code and Office Lighting

The green building code states that office lighting should be between 10 and 15 watts per meter square. However, due to the advancements in commercial lighting and LED lighting, this level is now between 5 and 8 watts per square metre. The benefit of this is that less energy is required to light the same area and this means lower energy costs and an improved carbon footprint.

Cost Cutting Benefits of LED Office Lighting

Speaking of cost cutting, did you know that LED bulbs can potentially cut costs by up to 90%? When replacing standard spotlights with LED bulbs you will use 75% less energy. Multiply this by the amount of bulbs in your business and you’ll quickly see what a huge saving you can make on your energy bill. It’s a great saving on your bottom line and it’s a big step to creating a greener commercial space too.

On top of this saving, your bulbs will not need replacing as frequently. LED bulbs are proven to last years longer than traditional bulbs. On average an LED bulb that is on for 10 hours a day, will last around 14 years.  This means you’ll be paying out for fewer light bulbs and fewer visits from the electrician will be needed to change your light bulbs in tricky or hard to reach areas.

Where Can Commercial LED Lighting Be Used?

Commercial LED spotlights for example are ideal for use in retail spaces, offices and reception areas. They can better your product promotions and displays, but also subtly blend into a space while highlighting any important items in a room.

In warehouses and garages or large open spaces you can achieve great results with LED UFO low bay lights, which give off a vast spread of light with little power usage.

Do You Need Commercial LED Lighting?

If you require commercial LED spotlights for your business call us now. We can walk round your business and recommend where LED spotlights would work well. We can also discuss any other commercial lighting needs that you may have.

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