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One of our favourite jobs to do at MDS Electrical is to wire up peoples outhouses in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. That’s from the smallest of sheds with just a light in, to a cabin with a projector and speakers. Your new space doesn’t have to be just a place to go out to in the summer months, to maybe sit in once in a blue moon. With power installed within it, you can have heaters, lights, sockets and any other gadgets you can think that will make it a usable space all year round. These buildings can cost quite a bit of money to purchase and install, you need to get your moneys worth!


Is your Cabin for business, pleasure or both?

People buy their sheds or cabins etc for different reasons. Some just want a space to store the lawnmower or the gardening equipment. These spaces normally require a socket or two for charging drills etc and a light. A lot of start up businesses such as beauty treatment specialists will buy cabins for their gardens as a way of working from home. These can require a few sockets, some directional lighting and more often than not a heater on a timer to ensure the cabin is warm for their first client. We have also often installed internet points to ensure smooth running of a business and outside lighting on these so that they can work later in the nights when the winter comes. We have even once before sourced a projector, and installed the necessary cabling to allow this to run for a family’s movie space, complete with audio setup. Just because its at the bottom of a garden, doesn’t mean we can’t make it the space you desire.

What’s involved with wiring your out house?

Once you have an idea of what you would like to achieve with your space, MDS Electrical can attend for a site visit and talk through all your options or concerns and look at the best way to get the results you desire! We look at not only how aesthetically pleasing we can make the work and how we are going to get a cable from your house to your cabin but also ensure the functionality and safety of the install is maintained throughout.

What are you left with?

We aim to ensure that you come away with the space you desire, that contains the features you want and gives you the added asset to your home that you need to make your lives that bit easier. You’ll be left with a space that is more functional and a space that you can use all year round. Are you ready to see what we can do for you? Then get in touch!


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