Top Reasons Why An EICR Certificate Is Good For Business

Top Reasons Why An EICR Certificate Is Good For Business

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If you own a business premises, of any size, there are a number of reasons why an EICR certificate is good for business. We have listed just some of these reasons below for you.

1. Safety

Having an EICR certificate for your business premises shows you are serious about safety and protecting your staff from serious injury or death. Regular electrical testing by a professional electrician will give you the peace of mind that measures have been taken to ensure your workplace is safe. An EICR certificate will reduce the risk of electrical shocks, fires and accidents for your employees, and in turn protect your business.

2. Compliance

As a business premises owner, there are certain electrical safety at work obligations that you need to meet. The Health and Safety Executive (also known as HSE) regularly prosecute businesses that fail to protect their employees from electrical injuries at work. By having an EICR certificate for business means you have fulfilled your obligations and your electricals have been thoroughly inspected. This can be crucial in the event of an accident that is being investigated by the HSE.

3. Insurance

Insurance companies are increasingly requesting that electrical testing is not only carried out, but also evidenced on a regular basis. For many business insurance providers this is a part of the policy agreement. By having an EICR certificate for your business, you are showing that electrical testing has been completed. In turn, this will help make sure that your insurance company pays out in the event of a claim.

4. Money Saving

EICR trained electricians, like the team here at MDS Electrical, are qualified and experienced. We will inspect your electrical installations, but also recommend where you could save money. The EICR tests will identify any faults too. This means we can fix the fault identified before it gets more serious and could result in a much more expensive repair or replacement. Your EICR report is good for business because it will make recommendations for energy efficiency improvements you may not have even realised were possible.

We hope you can now see why an EICR certificate is good for business. If you would like to book your EICR call our team now and we will get you booked in at a time that suits you.

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