The Common Fuse Box Problems To Be Aware Of

The Common Fuse Box Problems To Be Aware Of

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The fuse box is like the electrical ‘central nervous system’ of your home. It’s an essential thing to have in your home. However, it needs to be well maintained as problems can occur. In this blog post we look at the most common fuse box problems to look out for. If you spot them in your home, then make sure you call in an expert, like the team here at MDS Electrical, to help resolve the issue efficiently and safely.

  • Frequently Tripping Fuses
    Have you noticed that your fuses are blowing or tripping on a frequent basis? This is often a tell-tale sign of bad wiring in your home. Or a short circuit in your fuse box. Fuses are there to protect you, your family and your home from electrical overloads. If the fuses are frequently tripping you need to call in a professional electrician to find the root of the problem and resolve it for you.
  • Loose Fuses
    Your fuses should sit in the fuse box firmly. If you have noticed that some of your fuses are loose or even falling out, that means that there is a problem. It could be a sign that the terminals have become corroded or mechanically impaired. Both of these things can become a fire risk if left. If you spot loose fuses in your fuse box, call in a trusted electrician.
  • Melted or Burnt Fuses
    If you have melted fuses or burnt terminals in your fuse box, then you definitely have an issue with your electrics that needs to be looked at immediately. Melted fuses or burnt terminals are a sign of an overheated fuse box. If you can see melting or burn marks, or even smell burning – call in a qualified electrician to attend your property as quickly as possible.
  • Strange Smells or SoundsYou may have heard a strange hissing or popping noise from your fuse box? Perhaps you can smell a strong and acrid odour near your fuse box? Both if these are signs that there is a serious and potentially dangerous issue in your fuse box.  This problem will not fix itself and in sever cases, could result in a fire.

Your fuse box is one of the most important electrical components in your home. It is essential that it is regularly maintained, checked and cared for. When was the last time you had your fuse box checked? If you’re not sure – give us a call!

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