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Recent years have seen the rise of a multitude of technologies aiming to make our day-to-day lives easier, more convenient, and easier through home automation. From smart speakers that can control your lights, blinds, heating, and even order shopping – through to security devices such as smart locks, smart cameras and smart doorbells that can boost your security. Here we have put together a brief breakdown of what we can offer to help make your home smarter.

Smart Socket Installation

Smart sockets are a straight replacement for normal sockets and can transform just about any appliance or device into a smart one – allowing you to set it up on a timer and control it from anywhere, including with your voice! They are a great option for controlling Christmas tree lights, lamps, dehumidifiers, slow cookers, fans and more. They can also be used to effortlessly turn off appliances at the plug rather than leaving them on standby (saving power). Also, if you have ever left the house and can’t remember if you’ve turned something off, hair straighteners for example, well now you can simply check on your phone!

Smart Speaker Installation

When it comes to speakers there are almost limitless options when it comes to your home sound system, recessed ceiling speakers that connect to your smart network can be installed throughout – including in bathrooms and kitchens.

Smart Light & Camera Installation

If you are security conscious, smart cameras and lights can be installed just as simply as standard security lights. There are a range of options available, there are cameras that activate upon detecting motion and send the live stream directly to your phone, lights that not only come on when they detect movement but also send you a message, and options that combine the two – allowing you to view the camera feed day or night and see who’s there.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart thermostats allow you to Wi-Fi enable your heating, allowing you to fine tune your heating and make adjustments from anywhere in the world. Coming home earlier than expected? You can have a toasty warm home waiting for you.

Smart Doorbell Installation

There are a variety of smart doorbells available, both hard wired and wireless. The wireless variety run on an internal battery meaning they will need to be charged periodically, whereas a hardwired model has a permanent supply meaning it can run 24/7. Smart doorbells can take away the mystery of missed deliveries, allowing you to see if and when somebody has been at the door, as well as allowing you to ask delivery people to leave your package in a safe place via the microphone and speaker. They can be adjusted to trigger when somebody steps on to your property and send you a notification, you can then view the live video from your phone. Different features are available at different price points, the cost will likely also influence the battery life, camera, and microphone quality.

If you would like smart devices installed and are based in Peterborough, Market Deeping, Stamford, or surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01733 698151 or emailing

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