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Outside Lighting Installation

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Outside lights can have a huge impact on the appearance of your property, they can be used to highlight features, make it stand out and add character. On top of the visual benefits, they are functional too, they can boost the security of your property and save you from fumbling for your keys in the dark.

If you already have outside lights, it could be worth considering updating them to LED models. In the current climate we are all trying to minimise our energy usage and LED lights use far less electricity than older halogen or fluorescent models.

When it comes to designing your outside lighting it’s a great opportunity to get creative, there are a huge number of options to choose from and locations in which you can install them. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:

Festoon Lights

Strings of festoon lights can be wrapped around trees and bushes, or along fences and outbuildings to create a relaxing ambience.

Soffit Lights

Downlights installed in your soffit or eaves are a neat and discreet way to illuminate your home. As well as accenting the appearance of your property, the light reflected from the walls provides general lighting.


The functional choice, flood lights are designed to illuminate large areas. They are perfect for driveways or gardens and can be controlled via a simple switch or sensors. Floodlights are extremely useful for access or tasks like taking the bins out at night, and are a great deterrent for unwanted visitors.

Wall Lights

Wall lights come in a wide range of designs, depending on the existing wiring in the property they can be straightforward to install and are perfect for flanking entrance ways or illuminating side alleys.

Spike Lights

If you have flower beds or trees in your garden, you can enjoy them even after sunset by having spike lights installed. The nature of spike lights means they can be installed just about anywhere, they are commonly placed at the base of trees to provide uplighting and create a feature.

If you are based in Peterborough, Parnwell, Yaxley or surrounding areas – and are looking for a local electrician to revamp your garden lighting; feel free to get in touch to discuss your outdoor lighting plans. You can call us on 01733 698151 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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