How to choose an Electrician

How to choose an Electrician

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With the technology and platforms we have available to us today it is now extremely easy to publish adverts online and reach a large audience, particularly via local groups and apps. Whilst the low barrier to entry on these platforms is a great benefit to small businesses, it does open the door to unscrupulous tradespeople who may be advertising services that they can’t or shouldn’t necessarily be delivering. This means it is important to do your homework and make sure your electrical contractor is operating by the book.

What to look for:


If a contractor has the appropriate accreditations and registrations, they should be displaying the logos on their website or adverts. A key one to look out for is the Competent Persons Scheme, which means the electrician is able to self-certify their works rather than submitting a building notice or using an approved inspector. However, it’s important not to take these logos on face value, you should confirm the company is actually registered by visiting the relevant website.

Signs of an established electrician

A key sign that you are dealing with an established company that you can rely on into the future is a landline to contact them on rather than just a mobile phone number, this may also be a sign that they have a dedicated member of office staff making communication easier and meaning you won’t be left waiting for a call back. Other good signs to look out for are a company website with a company email address rather than a personal account, and a sign-written van.


Perhaps the most important thing to know is what previous customers think, make sure your chosen electrician has a good number of reviews and make sure they are positive! If other customers have had a good experience you can be confident that you will too.

Why is it important?

These checks are vital as hiring an unregistered electrician to carry out your work means it won’t be signed off and building control won’t be notified. This will likely cause issues should you come to sell or rent your property and could also void your insurance, not to mention the safety risks!

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