Electrical Fault Finding in the Home

Electrical Fault Finding in the Home

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Electrical faults can occur in homes or offices. The first indication you may have a problem might be the blowing of a fuse or tripping of an MCB or RCD. Quite often the fuse can be replaced, or the user can reset the MCB/RCD. If the fuse blows again or the MCB/RCD keeps tripping, then it’s likely the problem is more serious, and you need the services of a registered local electrician.

Electrical fault finding is a job that requires a methodical approach from a qualified and experienced electrician. Electrical faults can be extremely annoying, dangerous and prevent us from carrying on with our normal day to day life. In these times when a lot of people are working from home, faults can slow down or stop work. Businesses can lose a few days trade or get behind on projects due to electrical faults, so a quick and professional fix can save the day.

How long does fault finding take?

Most types of electrical fault such as burnt out switches/sockets, nuisance tripping, blown fuses, tripped RCDs, lighting and power faults can be rectified and repaired on the same visit by our electrical fault-finding electricians.

What’s involved with electrical fault finding?

A typical fault-finding job consists of a chat with the installation user to get an idea of the fault and its extent, an initial inspection of fittings and fixtures to check for loose connections, signs of heat damage or water ingress. If no obvious faults are detected, we will proceed to carry out an in-depth electrical fault-finding test using calibrated electrical fault finding test equipment. On completion of these tests, we will talk the client through the faults, the next steps and any associated costs.

If you are reading this blog and have an electrical fault that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later then call us on 01733 698151 or email info@mdselementor.brilliant.digital.

A prudent way to minimise any inconvenience caused by interruptions in the electricity supply due to faults is to regularly test and maintain your installation. This type of maintenance on your property is much like an MOT, it will tell you if your property is in a satisfactory condition where the electrics are concerned, and is known as an EICR. For more information on the type of testing needed please do get in touch.

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