Are rising energy prices affecting your business?

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Whilst we are all aware of how the current rocketing energy prices are affecting the average householder, it’s easy to forget they are having an affect on businesses too. The aim of a business is clear, to be good at what you offer, deliver a great service, and make a profit. Businesses operate by spending money where it’s important and saving money where they can, resulting in said profit (hopefully!). So how can your local electrician help business owners combat the rising energy prices and regain their margins? There are a number of electrical changes that can be implemented to save money, now more so than ever:

LED Lighting

Many offices throughout the UK are still equipped with outdated fluorescent lighting, upgrading your lighting system to LED could see energy savings of around 75%. It’s a change that can easily pay for itself, not only due to the lower energy usage but the increased lifespan of the products. Additional benefits are that LED lights run cooler and are more reliable.


One of the highest factors in energy consumption is heating, keeping a premises at a comfortable temperature when it’s freezing outside is no mean feat, and the same goes for cooling an office when it’s hot. No matter the current setup you have in place, there are likely improvements that could be made. Whether it be upgrading the system to be more efficient, or installing more precise or flexible controls to minimise your usage to when it’s needed, there are many solutions available to boost efficiency when it comes to heating.

Kill Switches

Leaving appliances, devices or machines in standby can use a surprising amount of energy. With the average home’s standby energy waste adding up to as much as £85 per year, you can only imagine how this could affect companies, with a vastly higher number of electrical items in place. The installation of “kill switches” can completely shut off the power to groups of appliances, lights and sockets, preventing this slow drain that can quickly add up. If you are interested in reducing your companies energy consumption, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss where improvements and savings could be made by calling 01733 698151 or filling out our contact form here.

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