Garden Lighting

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What Garden lighting can we install for you?

We install no end of Garden lighting in and around Peterborough, Stamford and Market Deeping to great effect! Our lights can highlight garden features and make your outside space so much more accessible and inviting of a night time. 

What lights work best for your garden?

Naturally each garden is different with different features within it. Garden lighting when designed right can add that extra wow factor to any garden. Have you got a tree or two to highlight? Then garden spike lights are just the right product. Have you a path to illuminate? Some post lights would do just that!

Do you need to dig up the garden to install them?

Most Garden lighting can be retrofitted to your outside space, meaning minimal disruption to your garden as it stands! In all cases we work with you to get the best result for the best price, with minimal fuss and disruption.


Adrian from Ramsey called us about having some outside lighting, and he didn’t regret it! Click here to read his case study and glowing review  .

Call us today on 01733 698151 and book us in for a quote visit so we can talk to you about lighting up your garden too!

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